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Life, food, travel, DIY, creativity, and more. I try to be the kind of person I'd want to read about.

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I take photos of my city, my family & friends, my travels, and my cat.

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Event & Travel Planning

I am an experienced event planner as well as day-of coordinator for events that you plan. From large street festivals to weddings, bachelorette parties to business meetings, shopping and dining events - and even large-scale family vacations.

Contact me if you are interested in my event planning skills.

Communications & Marketing Strategy
I provide consulting services to small businesses and nonprofits. With over nine years of communications and marketing experience, I can help you determine the tools and strategies that will achieve your goals and then create a realistic plan to get things done. More information coming soon!

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Social media consulting
Ever wonder what your business is doing on social media? If all that time spent posting is making a difference? I can help you take an inventory of your social media activity and show you ways to align your social media strategy with your business goals and the results you want to see.

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